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The Uncommon Type of Heart Attack That Kills Healthy, Young Women

08 Mar 2018 | 155,293 Views

The No. 1 symptom of a heart attack is sudden death, so please, watch out for these 6 conditions and call for immediate emergency assistance before your arteries get clobbered and you end up on the chopping block.

What You Really Need to Know About Heart Disease and Its Treatment

24 Dec 2017 | 220,723 Views

If heart attacks aren't caused by a blocked artery or even high cholesterol, then what does cause them? The 3 primary causes of heart attacks are factors that few people or even cardiologists expect. Luckily, there are safe, nontoxic and effective ways to address them.

American Heart Association President Suffers Heart Attack at 52

29 Nov 2017 | 226,856 Views

This is both a tragedy and an embarrassment for the Heart Association. Assuming the 52-year-old president was following the badly flawed AHA dietary guidelines, maybe this is the wake-up call they need to come clean with what the science really says for preventing heart attacks.

Multivitamins Improve Heart Function - But Only If You Don't Take Statins

27 Nov 2017 | 29,002 Views

Nearly 40 percent of Americans take this pill. Research found using it negates the benefit of taking high-quality vitamins to your heart and it has documented side effects that may be lethal. I'll share strategies you can use to improve your heart health and avoid risks associated with statins.

More Proof Heartburn Products Are Dangerous

15 Nov 2017 | 44,831 Views

Heartburn is a common condition that affects nearly 60 million at least once a month. Research shows prevalence is rising. Popular heartburn products are not the answer and now are associated with yet another health problem. I'll give you strategies to reduce or eliminate your heartburn naturally.

Catechins Can Help Your Heart and Brain

30 Oct 2017 | 26,572 Views

A new study has uncovered evidence showing that antioxidant polyphenols called catechins in green tea may prevent the formation of sticky plaques that trigger Alzheimer's. Further, they protect your heart in a number of different ways.

Cholesterol Isn't the Problem in Heart Disease; Inflammation Is

13 Sep 2017 | 106,076 Views

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans has concluded cholesterol is not a nutrient for concern. Recent research has demonstrated chronic low-grade inflammation may be at the heart of cardiac disease and other illnesses. I'll give you easy and simple drug-free strategies to lower your heart disease risk by quenching inflammation.

Which Foods Are Best for Your Heart Health?

17 Jul 2017 | 298,293 Views

Studies have shown it can lower systolic blood pressure by more than 8 points - far more than most blood pressure medications. Has the same effect as prescription nitrates, used to treat angina and congestive heart failure - but without the side effects.

American Heart Association Renders Itself Obsolete With 1960s Dietary Advice Long Since Refuted

05 Jul 2017 | 333,722 Views

It's the ultimate betrayal, akin to the flat earth theory that inexplicably gained traction in the 21st century despite clear and indisputable proof of the opposite. See how the AHA is using selective interpretation of the evidence to pull the wool over your eyes.

Insulin, Not Cholesterol, Is the True Culprit in Heart Disease

18 Feb 2017 | 402,769 Views

Contrary to popular belief, high cholesterol isn't the cause of heart disease. However, if your diet consists of high levels of this, you may be putting yourself at increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.