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Eliminate This Everyday Food and Watch How This Lowers Your Blood Pressure

New research shows that consuming too much of this common food is associated with a 77% greater risk of high blood pressure. Making this simple change in what you eat each day not only promises...

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Hawthorn Berry for Your Heart

24 Oct 2016 | 15,462 Views

The common hawthorn bush, related to roses and apples, bears flowers and tiny red fruit. Ancient healers found the plant amazingly effective for heart problems. Modern research backs it up, showing that it significantly enhances circulation to the heart and brain, improves angina, alleviates pain, and improves irregular heartbeat and cardiac arrhythmia - and they're discovering other benefits, besides.

How to Eat Your Way to a Healthier Heart

12 Sep 2016 | 215,487 Views

Offers unique benefits for your heart, blood pressure and even glucose control. I like this strategy not only for your heart, but also for fighting cancer cells, reducing inflammation, promoting brain health and more.

Omega-3s May Improve Healing After a Heart Attack

15 Aug 2016 | 231,757 Views

It's easy to do, inexpensive and takes just seconds, yet it slashed their risk of sudden cardiac death by 50 percent. Beware of this type though, it converts at less than 1 to 3 percent, not even close to the amount you need for your heart and brain health.

Elevated Blood Sugar Sets the Stage for Cancer Growth

27 Jul 2016 | 352,333 Views

Yet millions continue to live in denial, while also putting themselves at a greater risk of diabetes and all the nasty side effects of a bulging waistline. Don't let this 'dirty fuel' into your body or you'll regret it.

Magnesium — An Essential Mineral for Heart Health

25 Jul 2016 | 328,038 Views

These heart- and bone-healthy nutrients perform best together, with one supporting the other. Miss out on this fourth critical nutrient that up to 80 percent of Americans are deficient in and you may be creating a deadly spiral and increase your risk for heart disease.

Vitamin K2 Deficiency Is a Significant Cause of Cardiovascular Disease

13 Jul 2016 | 62,504 Views

You may be watching your vitamin D and calcium to "grow strong bones," but inadvertently be placing yourself at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. If you take these medications or eliminate this from your diet, you could be raising your risk.

How Good Fats Prevent Heart Disease

11 Jul 2016 | 236,593 Views

Many people make this mistake, thinking they're doing the right thing or it really doesn't matter. But in doing so, you may be putting your memory, heart, muscles, digestion, vision, blood clotting, and normal cell reproduction and development at risk. Get the 'skinny' on this essential nutrient so you don't fall into this trap, too.

Low Salt Is Bad for Heart Health

08 Jun 2016 | 45,607 Views

Eating both too much and not enough will have a negative impact on your heart and your arteries. Whether you already suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure or not, research points to the need for moderate amounts of high-quality salt.

Great Britain’s Most Outspoken Cardiologist Sets the Record Straight on Saturated Fats

05 Jun 2016 | 342,399 Views

Even doctors don't realize this or they wouldn't dole out the advice that they do. The 4 biggest factors that can help gauge your heart disease risk, plus the one lab value you want to pay special attention to as it's a hidden factor that I've found to be present in the majority of adult men and postmenopausal women, putting them at risk.

Delving Into the Benefits of Dill

28 Mar 2016 | 38,289 Views

Dill has a soft, versatile flavor that blends well with chicken, fish, eggs and sauces, but its medicinal properties are what have made it a treasured herb since ancient times.


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