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Heart Health Articles

Eliminate This Everyday Food and Watch How This Lowers Your Blood Pressure

New research shows that consuming too much of this common food is associated with a 77% greater risk of high blood pressure. Making this simple change in what you eat each day not only promises...

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Insulin, Not Cholesterol, Is the True Culprit in Heart Disease

18 Feb 2017 | 324,751 Views

Contrary to popular belief, high cholesterol isn't the cause of heart disease. However, if your diet consists of high levels of this, you may be putting yourself at increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Warning: Prilosec Can Cause Serious Stomach Infection

15 Feb 2017 | 63,867 Views

Although available over-the-counter, this medication carries significant health risks, including fractures, cognitive decline, kidney disease and vitamin B12 deficiency. I’ll share simple and effective ways of treating your condition without medications.

How Stress Influences Your Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

02 Feb 2017 | 218,640 Views

In a recent study with over-30-year-olds (none of which were diagnosed with a heart problem), after 2 to 5 years, 22 had experienced a heart attack, stroke or angina. What they had in common will make your jaw drop.

Is Magnesium the Missing Link in Your Heart Healthy Routine?

16 Jan 2017 | 55,932 Views

This functions as both a mineral and electrolyte, meaning low levels will have far-reaching effects on your health. Recent research found this safe and readily available nutrient may improve your cardiovascular health, reduce your blood pressure, and reduce your potential for coronary artery calcification.

Here’s What Losing Sleep Does to Your Heart

22 Dec 2016 | 48,199 Views

When you don’t get enough sleep, you put your heart health at risk. From increased heart strain and blood pressure to a raised risk of heart attack and arterial stiffness, skimping on sleep is a red flag for heart disease.

A New Way of Looking at Heart Disease and Novel Treatment Options

18 Dec 2016 | 305,364 Views

Cardiologists may call this quackery - it's so radical and unorthodox (except in Germany, where it's been known for 20 years). But if you want a long healthy life, you'll embrace this guide on how to keep your ticker strong. Oh wait, you won't even call it a ticker after reading this.

Air Pollution Can Trigger Cardiovascular Disease at a Young Age

09 Nov 2016 | 18,121 Views

Air pollution is known to exacerbate heart and lung conditions. However, recent research has identified 2 more ways that poor air quality may affect your heart and your pocketbook. I'll give you strategies to reduce the indoor pollution in your home and office.

Hawthorn Berry for Your Heart

24 Oct 2016 | 79,690 Views

The common hawthorn bush, related to roses and apples, bears flowers and tiny red fruit. Ancient healers found the plant amazingly effective for heart problems. Modern research backs it up, showing that it significantly enhances circulation to the heart and brain, improves angina, alleviates pain, and improves irregular heartbeat and cardiac arrhythmia - and they're discovering other benefits, besides.

How to Eat Your Way to a Healthier Heart

12 Sep 2016 | 237,475 Views

Offers unique benefits for your heart, blood pressure and even glucose control. I like this strategy not only for your heart, but also for fighting cancer cells, reducing inflammation, promoting brain health and more.

Omega-3s May Improve Healing After a Heart Attack

15 Aug 2016 | 244,201 Views

It's easy to do, inexpensive and takes just seconds, yet it slashed their risk of sudden cardiac death by 50 percent. Beware of this type though, it converts at less than 1 to 3 percent, not even close to the amount you need for your heart and brain health.


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