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Heart Health Articles

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Loud Noise Exposure Linked to Increased Risk for Heart Disease

11 Nov 2015 | 22,892 Views

If you're exposed to loud noise chronically, either at work or at home, your heart health could be at risk. Noise affects heart health on multiple levels, but these tips to quiet down can help minimize your exposure and your risk.

Health Benefits of Hemp

27 Oct 2015 | 60,911 Views

Hemp is a versatile, renewable resource that can provide food, oil, textiles, and even replacements for cotton and plastic. Yet, this economical treasure is illegal to grow in the US, so all US-sold hemp products are currently imported.

Is Vitamin C as Good as Exercise for Your Heart?

21 Sep 2015 | 66,655 Views

Daily vitamin C offered a significant benefit to the hearts of overweight non-exercisers - a benefit so good they compared it to a daily walk. Can this potent antioxidant rival the effects of exercise?

A Valid Way to Calculate the Age of Your Heart?

19 Sep 2015 | 87,435 Views

You can now use an online calculator to determine the age of your heart. When researchers tested it out on 30 to 74 year olds, they found most had hearts that were significantly older than their chronological ages. Is your heart older than you are?

New Scientific Analysis Confirms Saturated Fats Have No Link to Heart Disease

31 Aug 2015 | 228,322 Views

Many doctors and nutritionists regularly dole out this advice, but recent data shows that making their recommended switches could be deadly. And if you follow what some of them tell you to avoid, you could miss out on an essential ingredient for your brain function and memory.

Adequate Vitamin C Linked to Lower Risk for Heart Disease and Early Death

03 Aug 2015 | 50,422 Views

This powerful antioxidant works wonders for heart health and even lowers your risk of premature death. Are you getting enough vitamin C in your diet?

Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient for Heart and Bone Health

28 Jun 2015 | 352,505 Views

Could this much-ignored nutrient unclog your arteries and prevent a deadly heart attack? As well as fight inflammation and help build strong bones? It's hands down one of the best heart disease preventives known, so claim its benefits today.

Certain Heartburn Drugs May Increase Your Risk of Heart Attack

24 Jun 2015 | 298,483 Views

Study shows it boosts your risk of heart attack, even if you have no prior history of heart disease. It actually doubles mortality risk. Given that it reduces nitric oxide in your blood vessel walls, it's not super surprising. But heart attack is only one of its many risks...

Quieting Down Could Save Billions in Heart Disease Costs

20 Jun 2015 | 44,621 Views

About 100 million Americans are exposed to levels of noise that may be harming their health. Small reductions in noise pollution could lead to big savings in economic and health care costs.

Grip Strength May Help Predict Heart Attack and Stroke

30 May 2015 | 45,012 Views

How strong is your grip? The grip strength in your hands is indicative of total-body fitness, longevity, frailty, and even your risk of heart attack and stroke. Building your grip strength isn’t hard and comes naturally with a full-body strength-training program.


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