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Heart Health Articles

Eliminate This Everyday Food and Watch How This Lowers Your Blood Pressure

New research shows that consuming too much of this common food is associated with a 77% greater risk of high blood pressure. Making this simple change in what you eat each day not only promises...

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Delving Into the Benefits of Dill

28 Mar 2016 | 36,071 Views

Dill has a soft, versatile flavor that blends well with chicken, fish, eggs and sauces, but its medicinal properties are what have made it a treasured herb since ancient times.

Could Eating the Right Fats Save 1 Million Lives per Year?

06 Mar 2016 | 243,662 Views

Many doctors and dietitians still don't believe the facts, and because of that, too many people continue to suffer from obesity, needless pain, and premature death. How 4 decades of misguided, dead-wrong advice may instead be leading to poor health.

Modern Research Reveals Your Heart Does Have a Mind of Its Own

05 Mar 2016 | 262,253 Views

The latest research suggests your heart has a brain, and may be far more complex than imagined. This emotion, for example, boosts your heart attack risk five-fold, and your stroke risk three-fold.

Heartburn Can Be Treated Without Hazardous, Habit Forming Drugs

02 Mar 2016 | 317,568 Views

In fact, there are over 11 different alternative treatments for this problem, yet doctors hand this drug out like candy putting you at risk of chronic kidney disease, pneumonia, osteoporosis, hip fractures, dementia, heart disease and heart attacks. Only take it as a last resort.

What Are Carrots Good For?

15 Feb 2016 | 49,732 Views

This crunchy, healthy root vegetable is most well-known for boosting vision health, but its benefits extend far past your eyes. Eating carrots may reduce your risk of multiple chronic diseases, boost your skin health, and much more.

Heartburn Pills Linked to Kidney Disease

03 Feb 2016 | 55,040 Views

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) commonly used to treat heartburn may not be as safe as they're widely assumed to be. New research adds to the evidence that such drugs may harm kidney health.

Zinc Is Crucial for Heart Health

25 Jan 2016 | 53,101 Views

The essential mineral zinc may play an important role in heart health by regulating the way calcium moves in your heart cells. How much of this mineral should you be consuming, and what are the best food sources?

Treat the Heart With the Gut

30 Dec 2015 | 45,634 Views

One day, your gut microbes may be targeted as a way to prevent chronic diseases like heart disease. In the meantime, supporting the health of your microbiome can support your health on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Loud Noise Exposure Linked to Increased Risk for Heart Disease

11 Nov 2015 | 26,370 Views

If you're exposed to loud noise chronically, either at work or at home, your heart health could be at risk. Noise affects heart health on multiple levels, but these tips to quiet down can help minimize your exposure and your risk.

Health Benefits of Hemp

27 Oct 2015 | 89,121 Views

Hemp is a versatile, renewable resource that can provide food, oil, textiles, and even replacements for cotton and plastic. Yet, this economical treasure is illegal to grow in the US, so all US-sold hemp products are currently imported.


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