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Heart Health Articles

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What Leonardo Taught Us About the Heart

12 Jul 2014 | 49,129 Views

Leonardo's drawings of the human heart were very impressive and could have changed the course of heart-disease treatment had they been discovered early on.

Stress—Yes, It Really Can Trigger a Heart Attack

10 Jul 2014 | 157,563 Views

It was probably part of your day today, but let it go and it can have some mighty serious repercussions. Consider yourself fortunate to have advance warning so you can build a hedge around your heart with these 4 strategies.

NSAID Pain Killers Linked to Irregular Heartbeat

29 Jun 2014 | 226,145 Views

More than 30 billion doses of these are used annually, but many people are blind to the fact that they can cause very serious harm. Commonly used for colds, according to research, they can inhibit white cell production of antibodies by as much as 50%.

"Tomato Pill" Hope for Stopping Heart Disease

28 Jun 2014 | 58,545 Views

A new 'tomato pill' showed promise for protecting heart health, but you can likely get the same benefits (or more) by adding these common foods to your diet.

Evidence Is Mounting That Standard Nutritional Guidelines for Heart Health Are Wrong

16 Apr 2014 | 89,405 Views

What's been found in the majority of heart attack victims isn't at all what doctors expected, and together with this new massive analysis of 72 separate studies, shoots a hole through what nearly every professional has told you about heart disease.

One in Three Deaths from Cardiovascular Disease is Preventable

07 Apr 2014 | 225,225 Views

One of the biggest travesties of our day is this misconception that purports to decrease heart risk, while actually accomplishing the opposite. Compelling research suggests this deficiency could end up taking your life. Yet most doctors ignore it...

Why Happiness Is Healthy

03 Apr 2014 | 38,468 Views

Happiness is associated with healthier lifestyle habits, but research also suggests it may have a more direct impact on your physical health.

Risk for Heart Attack or Stroke Increases After Anger Outburst

20 Mar 2014 | 49,977 Views

If you’re quick to anger, be warned that your risk of a heart attack and stroke rises considerably in the hours following an anger outburst.

Should You Go Vegetarian to Control Your Blood Pressure?

10 Mar 2014 | 220,533 Views

If you stop eating this (not sugar), it may lead to a significant blood pressure reduction. But first, consider the risks to your heart - together with this deficiency that can wreak havoc on your bones.

Excessive Sugar and Lack of Preventive Measures Threaten World with Disastrous Levels of Heart Disease and Cancer

19 Feb 2014 | 462,849 Views

It's also linked to 77 different diseases. If there's one thing I can recommend cutting out of your diet to avoid being a victim of the predicted 57% rise in cancer over the next two decades, this is it.


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